SolidWorks Installation issue due to conflict with Microsoft kb3072630


SolidWorks Installation issue due to conflict with Microsoft kb3072630

There is a conflict with Microsoft KB3072630 which can cause SOLIDWORKS to become unstable when installing or updated after KB3072630 is applied. The Microsoft update makes changes to Windows Installer which prevents SOLIDWORKS installations (new, modify/repair, update or uninstall) from being executed correctly. SOLIDWORKS KB3072630 Affected software: SOLIDWORKS 2011 – 2016. Symptoms Instability may appear […]

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How to Improve Machine Performance when working with SOLIDWORKS Assemblies

Optimize your SOLIDWORKS Software setup: The best way to immediately impact large assembly performance is to setup SOLIDWORKS software correctly. Under the “Tools” menu select “Options” and under the “Performance” tab there are several options to improve performance 1. Turn off high quality transparency 2. Decrease the level of detail for curvature generation as shown […]

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Quick Tip: Converting Toolbox Fasteners to Simulation Bolt Connectors.

Solidworks Simulation has some quick features while working with assemblies. If you’re not familiar with them, these features would speed up your workflow by converting all the toolbox fasteners to simulation bolts connectors with ease. During the conversion process, all information related to location, geometric features, and material of the Toolbox fasteners is mapped internally […]

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How to transfer SolidWorks license from one computer to another?

SOLIDWORKS Stand-alone licenses can only be active on 1 computer at a time. However, you can transfer a license from one computer to another using the Transfer/Activate process. Step-1: Transfer the existing SOLIDWORKS License. First, you need to transfer your SOLIDWORKS license back to the SOLIDWORKS Activation Server. To do this open SOLIDWORKS and go […]

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SOLIDWORKS electrical outlook There are different electrical 2D and 3D CAD platforms that one can use, but the most popular name that is used extensively is SOLIDWORKS electrical. The SOLIDWORKS Electrical database is loaded with nearly 500,000 standard-specific schematic symbols and manufacturer-specific parts. Each part can be directly linked to an accurate 2D “footprint” for […]

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