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SOLIDWORKS-Augmented Reality Available on eDrawings for Android

we are here to announce that the latest update to eDrawings® Pro for Android ®, available now on the Google Play store, delivers the groundbreaking Augmented Reality (AR) experience previously only available on the iPad. Android mobile devices are an increasingly popular method for consuming eDrawings content, and this latest update delivers an exceptional design […]

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How to find the center point of a face using SOLIDWORKS

In this using SOLIDWORKS, you’ll learn how to find the coordinates of the center point of a face. When modeling a part or assembly, finding the center point of a specific face may be necessary to some aspect of your design. Instead of calculating the center point manually, let SOLIDWORKS determine the location of point […]

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Design Assemblies with Moving Parts Easily with SOLIDWORKS Motion

We all know that design changes are much easier and cheaper to make when we are in the early stages of the design process. The conventional design process approach generally identifies design-related problems and addresses them late in the design phase, often resulting in more weight, higher costs, longer manufacturing times, and other delays. By […]

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Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate CSWA Program by Logical Solutions Ltd

In today’s competitive workplace, CAD professionals need every edge they can get. Our CSWA Program is designed to help your students demonstrate their expertise with SolidWorks,® 3D solid modeling techniques, and design concepts, as well as their commitment to professional development.By passing the CSWA exam, they’ll be gaining a proven competitive edge—but for them to do so, your institution must first […]

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