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Installing SOLIDWORKS PCB with PCB Services

The new SOLIDWORKS PCB design tool, powered by Altium, combines the power and usability of Altium with the 3D expertise of SOLIDWORKS. PCB Services is the key to the collaborative features in SOLIDWORKS PCB, SOLIDWORKS PCB Add-In, and the PCB Connector for Altium. The following should help get the central element installed. SOLIDWORKS PCB is a printed […]

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SOLIDWORKS PCB Design and Beyond Industry 4.0

If you have used SOLIDWORKS PCB, you already know of the vast array of mechanical design tools and collaboration available from SOLIDWORKS 3D, but where do we go from there? We have ensured form, fit and function of our board to its mechanical enclosure, but what’s next? The answer is simple, anything we want! With […]

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Bridge the Gap Between Electrical and Mechanical Design with SOLIDWORKS PCB

A major challenge for electrical, electronics and mechanical design teams has been the inability to transfer data efficiently between electrical and mechanical tools. SOLIDWORKS PCB powered by Altium provides the best in Electronic Design Technology, from schematic to board layout so that you can meet the challenges of designing more intelligently for the new products. […]

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SolidWorks Printed Circuit Board is a Computer-aided engineering (CAE) design software tool which Provides link between Electronic design and 3D mechanical models. It Simplifies the electronic design process and allows a good Collaboration between ECAD and MCAD. SOLIDWORKS PCB Does not require Add-on’s and it is Fully associated with SOLIDWORKS To get more updates on SOLIDWORKS […]

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A printed circuit board (PCB) mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic components using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. A printed circuit board or PCB holds an electronic circuit together. The completed PCB with components attached is a printed circuit board assembly or PCBA. A multilayer […]

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