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Why PDF Export Function is not working in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Quite often customers using SOLIDWORKS Electrical have issues accessing printer properties while printing and creating PDFs from electrical drawings. SOLIDWORKS Electrical PDF Export files are created with a third-party application called “PDF Creator“. Originally it used to be installed with SOLIDWORKS Electrical up to SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP4. But with SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP5 and onwards it […]

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Create Electrifying Harness Designs in Record Time – SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Learn how SOLIDWORKS Electrical Simplifies Harness Design Today’s electro-mechanical designs are becoming increasingly complex, requiring electrical and mechanical engineers to work together better than ever. And communication between these two teams is critical in order to avoid increased costs and slow time to market. Additionally, if you develop physical prototypes, you can waste even more […]

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New Dimension in Electrical Design

SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Learn how Changes the Dimension in Electrical Design From Benjamin Franklin to William Shockley, spanning the last 300 years of technical innovation has transformed the way electrical designs are created. Products have become increasingly intelligent with “smart” electronics, and electrical schematics have evolved from hand drawings on a paper napkin to digital […]

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Customizing Reports in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

In this blog, we will learn how to customize your reports in SOLIDWORKS Electrical To access reports of your open project, Go to the Project tab and click on Reports. Here we can add a new report or edit an existing one and click close. We can edit the Bill of Material just by Right […]

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Managing Wires in SolidWorks Electrical

SOLIDWORKS Electrical can manage wires in three following ways 1.Global Wire Mark Display: Now we can select between Wires and Equipotential depending upon the numbering style directly from Configurations. Go to Project Tab   ->   Drop Down Configurations and select Wire Style manager as shown below. From here we can change the options from marks to […]