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DraftSight Add-In for SOLIDWORKS PDM

A DraftSight SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-in is available for running PDM inside of DraftSight. DraftSight SOLIDWORKS PDM Functionality: Check-in and Check-out while the drawing is open Quickly toggle between early versions of drawing. Access the Data card directly. By the looks of the DraftSight SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-in toolbar, you will have access to a variety of […]


Tip to import a data set into a Simulation interface within no time.

When running different types of analysis, we frequently find myself entering blocks of data to define curves of various types. Whether it be a fan curve or a pressure drop curve for a filter, in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, a stress-strain curve for SOLIDWORKS Simulation, or a Power Spectrum Density curve in a random vibration study […]

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Get Updated to SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional today. Know why!

With SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional, one of the many study types available is Topology Optimization. The Topology study is a nonparametric optimization of parts utilizing specific goals, manufacturing constraints, and all applied loads and fixtures. These studies provide amazing insight into how forces and other loading conditions are most efficiently supported by their fixtures. They can show […]



In SOLIDWORKS, there are some powerful computation abilities that can give users an advantage in solution accuracy compared with other products on the market. One major example of this has to do with meshing, which influences both the solve time and the accuracy of your results. Unlike the more common approach of Finite Element Analysis, […]

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SOLIDWORKS Smart Components

Add Automation and Intelligence to Your Designs with SOLIDWORKS When it comes to maximizing productivity, nothing beats automation. The Smart Components feature in SOLIDWORKS CAD takes automation to another level by adding design intent and company standards. With Smart Components your commonly used parts now have real design intelligence, allowing you to accelerate your design […]

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