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Have you ever created off centered Torroid ? Where are thetoroidal inductors used? Applications: Medical devices Telecommunications Musical instruments Industrial controls Refrigeration equipment Ballasts Electronic clutches Electronic brakes Aerospace & Nuclear fields Air conditioner equipment Amplifiers. To create off centered Toroid Watch this Video: If you’re still having trouble, please get in touch with the Logical […]

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SOLIDWORKS Errors and their troubleshoot

While performing activities in SOLIDWORKS a dialogue box appears with title SOLIDWORKS error reported. That is due to crash in SOLIDWORKS. Now let us go in detail about what are types of crashes and how to troubleshoot them and also what are reasons for crash. There are 3 types of crashes. They are: Reproducible crash […]

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Resolve SOLIDWORKS online license transaction failed error

SOLIDWORKS online license allows you to work between an unlimited number of machines using the existing SOLIDWORKS installation and your own individual profile. To use your SOLIDWORKS online license, you will need to login with your SOLIDWORKS id, the very same information that you currently use to access the SOLIDWORKS customer portal. This allows you […]

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How to Install SOLIDWORKS

Download SOLIDWORKS 2018 #sw2018 Go to Near the top right of the page is the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal. Sign into your account using your email address and password. If you do not have an account, click the Create a SOLIDWORKS ID. For information on How to create the customer, portal clicks the below link and create the […]

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SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Access Locked

Having a problem accessing the SOLIDWORKS customer portal even though you are on subscription service? Are you seeing locks everywhere? Don’t worry! You just need to reactivate your serial number for the new version of SOLIDWORKS you are using. First, select ‘Register My Products’ under the ‘My Support’ section. Then enter your serial number you are […]

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