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How to Change the SOLIDWORKS PDM Client License Type

When installing the SOLIDWORKS PDM Client you can select from 3 different license types:  Editor, Contributor, or Viewer.  It is very important to make sure that you select the correct license type for the PDM licenses that you own, otherwise, you will receive an error when trying to log into the vault

SolidWorks PDM

    Supports working with all file types. Users can add and modify files.CAD add-ins allow access to PDM functions within supported CAD applications.
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Contributor

    Users can perform the some actions as with the Editor license but add-ins are not enabled.

     Allows read-only access to vaults, users cannot add or modify files.

If the license type needs to be changed after the SOLIDWORKS PDM Client software was installed, it can be changed through the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration program.

Steps for changing SOLIDWORKS PDM Client License type

Open the Administration program and go to Help, then select About SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration.

SolidWorks PDM

In the dialog box select the desired Client type in the drop list as shown below.

SolidWorks PDM

Once the new license type is selected, the workstation will need to be restarted before the change will take effect.

SolidWorks PDM

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