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How to Insert Weight in SOLIDWORKS Weldment Cutlist

Step:1 After creating the weldment structure, in the feature manager design tree, you can find “Weldment”‘ right click on it and select properties.

SOLIDWORKS Weldment Cutlist


Step:2  Custom properties tab appears on the screen. Select weight from the drop-down menu. In the Value / Text Expression tab select “Mass” from the drop-down & click ok.

SOLIDWORKS Weldment Cutlist

SOLIDWORKS Weldment Cutlist


Step 3: Now create the drawing for the weldment structure & insert cut list table. In the cut list table, you cannot find the weight.

SOLIDWORKS Weldment Cutlist

Step 4: Select the column(In this case we have selected the “D” column because we want to insert weight there).After selecting, you can see the Column tab as shown in the above image.

Step 5: In the Column tab select “Cut list item property” from the Custom properties then select weight from the drop down as shown in the below image. Click OK

SOLIDWORKS Weldment Cutlist

Step 6: Now you can find the weight in your weldment cut list table. As shown in the below image. Likewise, you can add other properties as well.

SOLIDWORKS Weldment Cutlist

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