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Analysis Consulting

The highly qualified domain experts at Logical provide a complete range of analysis and simulation solutions in engineering product development. The wealth of their experience and the focus and commitment with which they handle these projects assure our customers of a value addition aimed at delighting them.

Our Analysis and Simulation team of Engineers has 15+ years of experience in FEA and related numerical methods.

Every one of our analysts is equipped with the necessary industrial experience and exposure to provide world-class mechanical analysis services.

Our Analysts have extensive experience in creating virtual representations of components and systems simulating real-world behavior under a variety of complex loads and constraints.

The results of this analysis come in highly useful in aiding the design process and also in identifying and eliminating any existing flaws in the design. Our team has a vast experience in conducting such analyses. They are also adept at utilizing their understanding for the physical aspects of the problem coupled with the ability to handle the software tool to conduct a thorough analysis and derive impeccable and reliable results.

Logical’s Analysis Team demonstrates a complete familiarity with the theoretical aspects of the numerical methods applied to the proper representation of the complete 3D-Model with appropriate 1D, 2D, axisymmetric and 3D finite elements to identify the gist of any problem.

They are justifiably proud of their ability to deliver their 100% on every assignment, just as they are always alert to find and solve new and complex challenges. They also solve them faster every time, much to the delight of our customers. They work very hard to live up to their reputation and enjoy every minute of it.

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