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Gauge Values in Cut List Properties

If you use gauge tables to define the thickness of sheet metal parts, the gauge number appears in the Cut-List Properties dialog box. In the associated drawing, the gauge value is available for annotations and cut lists.

In the Cut-List Properties dialog box, the Evaluated Value for Sheet Metal Gauge is Gauge Number GA. For example, if you use a 3 Gauge in a sheet metal part, the Evaluated Value is 3 GA.

In drawings, you can link an annotation to the Sheet Metal Gauge property and you include the property in a cut list.

Sheet Metal

To link annotations to gauge values:

  • In a drawing of a sheet metal part, click an annotation, such as Note
  • .
  • In the Property Manager, click Link to Property
  • .
  • In the Link to property dialog box, in Property name, select Sheet Metal Gauge.

  • To include gauge value properties in cut lists:

    • Right-click a flat pattern view and select Annotations > Cut List Properties.
    • Click in the sheet to place the cut list properties.
    • Sensors

      You can use sensors to alert you when sheet metal models deviate from the limits specified for a bounding box. In multibody parts, you can create sensors for individual bodies.


      During the design process, if the model exceeds the bounding box parameters, an alert appears in the Feature Manager design tree. You can double-click an alert to see the values in the Cut-List Properties dialog box.

      Symmetrical Thickness

      sheet metal

      When you create a sheet metal part as a base flange or lofted bend (with the Bent Manufacturing Method), you can specify a symmetrical thickness that adds an equal amount of material to both sides of the sketch.

      The symmetrical thickness helps you create sheet metal parts from sketches to help achieve equal bend radii for upward and downward bends. In the image above, Symmetric is cleared for the example on the left and selected for the example on the right.

      In the Base Flange or Lofted Bends Property Manager, under Sheet Metal Parameters, select Symmetric.

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