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BOM Creator

BOM Creator

BOM Creator is a DS SOLIDWORKS, Siemens Solid Edge & Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD Add On tool which caters the day to day requirement of Bill Of Materials in various departments inside the organization. It helps create Bill of Materials of large assemblies in minutes. It not only handles regular BOMs but also help create detailed lists based on the manufacturing lead time for manufacturing parts & purchase lead time of all the bought out items for complete machine. It enables collaborate Design, Production, Planning & Purchase more effectively and fast track the complete manufacturing cycle.


  • Too much time in creating & uploading BOMs in SAP/ERP Systems
  • Communication gap between Design, Production, Planning & Purchase due to incomplete/wrong BOMs
  • Problems in calculating actualized fabrication costing of Machines
  • Issues in handing the release of production drawings of multiple machines at same time
  • Delay in delivery of project because of improper planning of manufacturing & purchasing of Bought Out items


  • BOM Creator helps generate BOM ‘Ready to Upload’ in the ERP/SAP System.
  • It provides detailed fabrication weight summary of complete machine as part of Complete BOM.
  • BOM Creator provides individual list of manufacturing parts & Bought Out parts in a machine.
  • BOM Creator helps generate BOM ‘Ready to Upload’ in the ERP/SAP System.
  • It helps you to get details of drawings issued to different departments of the organisation
  • We can get details of items to be fabricated in House or to be Out Sourced
  • Enable calculate the fabrication cost of complete machine in no time.
  • Helps manage & plan manufacturing of multiple machines, now WE CAN AVOID RELEASE multiple copies of same drawing for manufacturing

BOM Creator- Create, Calculate & Compare!!!

FeaturesBOM Creator Ultra LiteBOM Creator LiteBOM Creator AdvancedBOM Creator Premium
Complete Design BOM with Raw Material Details    
Complete Part List by Type    
Complete Manufacturing Priority List by Type    
Drawing Tracking Details    
Fabrication Place Details    
Project Costing    
Comparison of Projects/Machines    

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