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Sigmund ABA Kinematics

Sigmund ABA Kinematics

Sigmund ABA Kinematics is the World’s only assembly build analysis tool that allows engineers to evaluate the 3-D variational effects of kinematic mechanisms and component tolerances on the quality of manufactured products throughout the range of motion. Sigmund ABA Kinematics provides engineers with an easy to use interface to evaluate the capability of their kinematic mechanisms and the component/assembly design, ensuring that assemblies go together 100% of the time, while meeting all the assembly performance criteria.Sigmund ABA Kinematics is available as standalone, as well as integrated with Solidworks, SolidEdge, ProEngineer | Creo.


  • Consider piece part/assembly variation and kinematic motion in the same environment.
  • Allows defining relative motion between multiple parts/components by using different kinematic joints, such as – primitive, revolved, cylindrical, universal, planar, ball, and bearing joints.
  • Allows assigning different driver motion in a mechanism.
  • Allows considering variation analysis in both open and closed loop mechanisms with zero to multiple degrees of freedom.
  • Can animate kinematic motion and trace the range of motion for a specific feature at both nominal and deviated conditions.
  • Can evaluate thousands of outputs throughout the range of motion in mechanisms.


Sigmund ABA Kinematics can be used to resolve complex assembly problems for kinematic mechanisms, evaluate design improvements, identify important design characteristics, and determine optimal tolerances for parts and assemblies with kinematic joints.

  • Avoid creating multiple models by considering variation and kinematic motion at the same time.
  • Allows accurate assembly of closed-loop kinematics mechanisms.
  • Can identify non-build conditions because of actual and accurate constraints applied at specific joints.
  • Can evaluate the effects of variation throughout the range of motion in mechanisms.
  • Can compare them with the nominal range of motion relative to what you might see in an ADAMS model.
  • Can generate automated reports showing multiple indices of information throughout the range of motion.

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