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Sigmund ABA

Sigmund ABA

Sigmund ABA for SolidWorks is an assembly build analysis solution that, for parts and assemblies defined in SolidWorks, allows engineers to evaluate the 3-D effects of component tolerances on the quality of manufactured products. Sigmund ABA for SolidWorks provides engineers with an easy to use SolidWorks-Sigmund interface to evaluate the capability of their designs, ensuring that assemblies go together 100% of the time, while meeting all the assembly performance criteria.Sigmund ABA is integrated with Solidworks.


Sigmund ABA for SolidWorks can be used to resolve complex assembly problems for rigid bodies, evaluate design improvements, identify important design characteristics, and determine optimal tolerances for parts and assemblies created in SolidWorks. Using Sigmund ABA for SolidWorks from design concept through production will improve quality, reduce costs, and cut development life cycle times.

Development of a Sigmund assembly build analysis model follows an intuitive, step-by-step methodology that includes Component Geometry Creation, GD&T or Tolerance Emulation & Optimization

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