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Sigmund Works

Sigmund Works, a powerful variation and tolerance stackup analysis software for SolidWorks developed by Varatech, enables designers, engineers to evaluate, optimize and validate assembly build quality, relative to piece part tolerance and assembly process variation. Fully integrated within SolidWorks and the Only Certified Gold Partner solution, this value-added software can be used early in the development phase before design solidification and hard tooling procurement. Sigmund Works prevents costly tweaking delays at ramp-up as well as long-term variation problems. Sigmund Works is tightly integrated within SolidWorks.

SolidWorks Integration:

  • Unrivaled Ease of use & Quick to learn – Designed for the non-specialist.
  • Single Window Integration – no need for geometry transfer.
  • Associative to SolidWorks Geometry & Tolerances, considers GD&T, Linear Tolerances, DimXpert.
  • Intelligent Nominal and Tolerance based Interference Visualization at worst case, Min, Max conditions.
  • Works with Part, Assembly and Drawing modes of SolidWorks.

Bells and Whistles of the Product:

  • Five analysis types including: Worst case, RSS, MRSS, PCRSS, and Monte Carlo Simulations.
  • Design for Six Sigma Roll-Down & Roll Up Methodologies for performing tolerance analysis.
  • Wide range of Statistical distributions and Extensive automatic report generation capabilities.
  • Optimize designs with unique tolerance optimization and cost minimization capabilities.
  • Identify Cost Saving Opportunities with Cost Savings Report.
  • Automatic Statistical, Sensitivity, Tolerance Impact, What-if and SPC report generation.

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