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SOLIDWORKS MBD (Model Based Definition) is an integrated drawing-less manufacturing solution for SOLIDWORKS 3D design software. SOLIDWORKS MBD guides the manufacturing process directly in 3D. You can define, organize, and publish 3D PMI, including 3D model data, in industry-standard file formats (such as SOLIDWORKS files, eDrawings®, 3D PDF, and STEP 242). Companies embracing model-based definition […]

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What’s New 2016: DimXpert for Assemblies (MBD)

DimXpert for Assemblies Maybe you drill assembly level mounting holes? Maybe you need to define inseparable parts like PEM fasteners on a sheet metal panel? You can now create DimXpert dimensions and tolerances in Assemblies. To use DimXpert in assemblies, simply pick appropriate commands like Location or Size Dimensions, Geometric Tolerances, or even Auto Dimension […]

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