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Converting Solid Part to Sheet Metal Part

“Convert to Sheet Metal” allows the user to quickly convert parts into sheet metal models, from there a flat pattern can be automatically created. This is a useful tool if the initial part has been created using standard part modelling features such as extrudes and lofts. The tool also works well on imported Sheet Metal files, […]

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Shell Mesh in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

General solid bodies are automatically meshed using solid tetrahedral elements, which are a great fit in a variety of cases. For geometries that happen to be constant wall thickness, there is another option that can be beneficial: shell mesh. Shell Mesh Uses Shell mesh can and should typically be used for a variety of geometries […]

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SolidWorks 2016 Representing Sheet Metal Swept Flangers Holes

SOLIDWORKS 2016 brings new enhancements to the way you create sheet metal designs. Complex Swept Flange The ability to create complex swept flanges has always been a powerful feature in SolidWorks, and you can now add standard or normal cuts through the bend regions. These cuts are now accurately represented in the flattened shape. SOLIDWORKS […]

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