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SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019 Mixed Login Types

New in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2019 we now have the ability to use mixed login types between Windows Login (Active Directory) and SOLIDWORKS PDM Login (Archive Server managed). Previously for a vault, when Windows Login was selected all users (outside of the default ‘admin’ account) had to be pulled from active directory. Now the vault administrator […]

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SOLIDWORKS 2019 can simplify large assemblies

Design complex heavy machinery and packaging equipment with SOLIDWORKS 2019 Working with large assemblies can often be cumbersome and slow. Not anymore. SOLIDWORKS 2019 provides you with huge performance gains and optimized workflows, giving you the confidence to design even the most complex heavy machinery or packaging equipment with ease. Now, with SOLIDWORKS 2019 you […]

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SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019 Inspection Integration

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019 Inspection Integration New in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019, we now have additional integration with SOLIDWORKS Inspection. This integration includes: SOLIDWORKS PDM Ribbon We can now access PDM features, directly within Inspection such as; Check-Out Check-In Change State Get Version Get Latest Search File Reference Handling SOLIDWORKS PDM will automatically create the references for […]

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical PDM integration

SOLIDWORKS Electrical “Link to PDM configuration” manager provides users with several levels of PDM integration. Administrators can define exactly which project information will be exported on each update, including project archives, drawings, or even full PDF document packages. SOLIDWORKS Electrical then has several methods of exporting the data; let’s look at which option is best […]

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