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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2023

Learn how you can work faster, smarter, and together with expert advice, tips, and tricks from SOLIDWORKS Pros SOLIDWORKS 2023 will enable you to streamline your design process, make smarter decisions, and accelerate product development. Here’s an overview of the latest enhancements: Work Smarter − Reduce your workload when modeling and detailing drawings and handle more […]


Setting Root Marks in SolidWorks Electrical

Whenever you place a symbol in SolidWorks Electrical, it will automatically assign it a component designator. The designator by default is made up of a root mark, followed by an order number. The default root marks are determined by the class of the symbol. For example, motor symbols are in the motors class, which has […]

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Revision Management in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

A lot of people want to know-how SOLIDWORKS Electrical revisioning works with PDM. However, SOLIDWORKS Electrical has a revision control built-in. You’re going to want the revision notes to be a part of the title block on the cover page and individual drawings, so it has the capability to annotate who drew, approved, and validated […]


SOLIDWORKS Electrical Virtual Circuits

SOLIDWORKS Electrical tends to take the Electrical concept of a circuit and apply it to the back end of how this application works. Every connection point of a component is part of a circuit. Keeping that in mind there are few circuits available that can be used while creating the symbol connection points and setting […]

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Importing Components from BOM in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

The import wizard in SOLIDWORKS Electrical allows for bulk loading components with ease. Under Manufacturer parts manager select Import Then select the data source from either an Excel file or a text file. Since excel is a common format for most of the Bill of Material, an excel file is selected in this case. Once […]