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Solving Bucket challenge with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

For all the SOLIDWORKS designers and engineering enthusiasts out there, We’re sure you have seen something like this come across your social feeds at one time or another because we know we have. The question is which bucket will fill up first if the water is poured continuously into the first bucket. We have spent […]


Import Study features in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Hello everyone! In this article, We want to show off another great new feature in SOLIDWORKS Simulation i.e; The ability to import study aspects from part or sub-assembly studies into the parent assembly study, saving you time by not having to define things twice. Before we get started, We want to note that this is […]


Tip to import a data set into a Simulation interface within no time.

When running different types of analysis, we frequently find myself entering blocks of data to define curves of various types. Whether it be a fan curve or a pressure drop curve for a filter, in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, a stress-strain curve for SOLIDWORKS Simulation, or a Power Spectrum Density curve in a random vibration study […]

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In SOLIDWORKS, there are some powerful computation abilities that can give users an advantage in solution accuracy compared with other products on the market. One major example of this has to do with meshing, which influences both the solve time and the accuracy of your results. Unlike the more common approach of Finite Element Analysis, […]

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Shell Mesh in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

General solid bodies are automatically meshed using solid tetrahedral elements, which are a great fit in a variety of cases. For geometries that happen to be constant wall thickness, there is another option that can be beneficial: shell mesh. Shell Mesh Uses Shell mesh can and should typically be used for a variety of geometries […]

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